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When on holiday I had this sudden realisation that my clothes were tight, my fitness was poor, I felt lethargic, and I knew this was affecting my health and quality of life.  Although I walk a lot with work I never went to the gym, I thought I was doing enough to stay healthy, but this clearly wasn’t the case. I weighed 103kgs and realised I needed to take action and be made accountable.


During my consultation, where we discussed nutrition and exercise, I realised the goals I had in mind were achievable and realistic.  Initially, I chose the 12-week programme and from there I was 100% committed and haven’t looked back.

I was informed and educated throughout the process to understand the importance of nutrition and how using nutrition enabled me to reach specific milestones throughout my journey, implementing changes for long-term, yet sustainable health and wellbeing.  

The training was hard as I had not done any form of resistance training, or any exercise other than walking for that matter, for years.  Throughout my journey having the weekly check-ins really helped with accountability, and encouragement, along with the feedback, enabled me to focus on achieving my goals.  To date, I’ve lost over 26kgs and 15% body fat, I am healthier and I’m in the best shape of my life, I look and feel fantastic.

The highlight for me has been the reaction from friends and family, complementing me on how good I look, my weight loss, and how much healthier I look.  This has made me appreciate and realise just how much this experience and the journey I have been on has made such a huge impact on me. It’s all been worth it, and I am grateful for the support to help me achieve the results I have, setting me on a path where I have new goals and I won’t stop until I succeed.

I would recommend Results Driven Fitness as they have guided and supported me throughout my journey and continue to drive me forward to achieve new goals that I have set, and I look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future.

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