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Biosignature Modulation

Our brain is the only organ in the body that regulates body fat mass, when our body adds fat it is a way of protecting you from various forms of stress, physical, chemical, emotional and mental.


These stresses impact and disrupt our endocrine system, a structure of glands that secrete hormones to regulate bodily function.  These functions include metabolism, tissue growth, development and mood.  For example, if your body is intolerant to carbohydrate this will disrupt your insulin and add fat to your ‘love handles’. Certain chemicals from skin care products elevate oestrogen and add fat to your arms, legs and hips.


By addressing these stress factors, you will regulate your hormones allowing them to function optimally resulting in your brain signalling to your body to get rid of the excess unwanted body fat.



Biosignature Modulation


Renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach Charles Poliquin created Biosignature Modulation after years of collating data from elite athletes.  Having trained Olympic athletes for over 30 years, Poliquin analysed years of data and subsequently developed Biosignature Modulation. 


The first step we take to understand how your body is functioning and coping with these stressors is through a 10-site skin fold assessment (Biosignature Modulation) which allows us to determine your unique hormonal profile.


This assessment alongside a comprehensive health questionnaire will allow us to assess all aspect of your health including digestion, gut health, organ function, detoxification, sleep quality and brain chemistry i.e., energy, mood, calmness and memory).


Armed with this information we can tailor and customise the most effective fat loss plan for you, this includes training, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and mindset strategies.


Your body fat will be measured using Harpenden callipers to take skin-fold measurements at 10 different sites of the body.  Software is then used to calculate your biosignature.


I will analyse your results before supplying you with your own unique plan of action, tailored for you and your individual goals.


Follow-up re-assessments are recommended every two weeks to provide time to allow for your body’s physiological response.  The reassessment will identify the progress you have made and enable for any amendments to training, nutrition or lifestyle habits to continue resolving hormonal issues.



Health issues that we have helped people with using this method include:


  • Digestive issues – acid reflux, IBS, colitis, PCOS,

  • Diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure

  • Anxiety, depression, ADHD

  • Sleep

  • Menopause and PMS symptoms

  • Migraines and brain fog

  • Yeast infections



To book your biosingature modulation assessment or any information about the other services we offer


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