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As a former collegiate and professional athlete, I have been exposed to various strength and conditioning coaches and their different approaches to coaching and programme design.  This variety of exposure allowed me to distinguish which coaches were superior compared to others.  With that in mind, I can certainly recall my time with James as my coach, whom I met and worked with whilst at The University of South Florida (USF).  James is one of the best strength and conditioning coaches that I have ever worked with.


James displayed passion about all aspects of the industry; his knowledgeable, ability to coach, design and implementation of our sessions, and most importantly, his display of passion for the athlete’s progress, success and well-being, makes James stand out amongst all the coaches I have worked with.


I always felt confident that with James I was being exposed to the best, safest and most effective strength and conditioning program.  The results spoke for themselves. Under his supervision, I became stronger, faster, and more agile - in summary, I became a more well-rounded athlete, which enabled me to be drafted in the NFL draft as a free agent to the Tennesse Titans.  I am forever grateful for coach Jame’s knowledge, attentiveness to detail, and his daily commitment to help athletes better themselves. 

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