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Our online coaching packages allow you to benefit from our professional coaching, whilst training in your own home or local gym.


We provide a premium service providing you with bespoke training and nutrition programmes, supplementation guidelines and additional support, at a fraction of the cost of 1-2-1 coaching.

All of our online coaching packages include the following extensive benefits. We continually review our packages to ensure that we provide a premium service tailored to the needs of our discerning clients.  As a result, we are always working behind the scenes on new benefits to add.

Initial Consultation

Once we have received confirmation of your sign up you will receive a "Welcome to Results Driven Fitness' email, followed by a questionnaire to complete.  Upon completion and receipt of your questionnaire, we will contact you to arrange your initial 60 minute consultation at a mutually convenient time by Zoom or Skype where we will discuss the responses to your questionnaire, discuss your goals and the next steps.

Personalised Training Programme

A detailed training programme unique to you taking into account your goals, needs and the equipment that you have access to,

Your training programme will be reviewed and adjusted by your coach according to your progress.

Individualised Nutrition Plan

As part of your experience with Results Driven Fitness you will be sent a client welcome and information pack which details our principles and the rationale behind the methodology we use.  This will include nutrition guidance and recipe ideas and will take into consideration any specific nutritional requirements, such as vegans and vegetarians.   As a client, you will have access to our private members' area on the website giving you access to 'In the kitchen' where we have a catalogue of recipes. 

Supplement Guidance & Recommendations

In your welcome and client information pack, we give guidance on general supplementation protocols, you will also be recommended supplements based on your specific needs and goals with recommended brands that we have partnered with for their unparalleled quality (members are however free to choose other suppliers). 

Weekly Check In

A weekly 30 minute check-in with your coach at a mutually convenient time via Zoom or Skype to review the week, progress towards your goals, and discuss any adjustments to your training programme and/or nutrition plan.  You will also have at least one mid week check-in via email and or WhatsApp, where you can ask your coach any questions or send them videos of exercises that you wish to be analysed if you are concerned with your technique. We are more than happy to have more than one mid week check-in if necessary to offer you the support you need

24/7 Coach Support

Access to your coach for any questions you have throughout the week and weekend via email, WhatsApp and the members-only private Facebook group - whichever method is easiest for you at the time.  You will be contacted within 24hrs of your enquiry, however, we will generally answer your enquiry sooner.

Members Area: Recipe Catalogue

Access to an online catalogue of tried and tested recipes suitable for every phase of your nutritional programme for inspiration in your meal plans. These recipes are full of flavour and are guaranteed to be enjoyed by the whole family!

Each recipe includes calorie count and macros; vegetarian and vegan recipes are available. 

Members Area: Exercise Library

Coming Soon: Access to a members-only area with comprehensive videos showing the correct technique for every exercise in your programme.

Member's Private Facebook Community

Access to a private members only Facebook community to swap inspiration, stories and to make connections with like-minded people. 

  • Why train with RDF?
    As a strength and conditioning coach, I have two primary objectives. Above anything else, the role of a strength and conditioning coach is to mitigate injury, aligned with improving sporting performance and is delivered in line with the athlete's specific requirements. This is achieved through three strategies: Testing, monitoring, analyse and adaptation Programme design to elicit adaptation, progression and improved performance Coaching to maximise adaptations of the athlete in accordance with the performance requirements of the sport(s) and mitigate injury.
  • How does strength & conditioning impact sporting performance?
    Historically strength and conditioning utilised a forward-thinking model approach to maximise adaptation and performance outcomes, in essence focusing on the next event and applying the appropriate programming to achieve success in that event. ​ More recently with peer-reviewed scientific evidence which analysed performance outcomes during a four-year Olympic cycle, strength and conditioning has adapted to a backwards approach to maximise adaptation and performance outcomes, meaning focusing on a future event as the major event and working backwards, for example, Olympic Games; World Championships; European Championships; National Championships; Regionals, each progressively more important but with the focus on maximising adaptation and performance to peak at the major event, in this case, an Olympiad.
  • What is RDF's strength & conditioning approach?
    As a strength and conditioning coach in order to plan, design and implement an appropriate strength and conditioning programme for any athlete, a thorough needs analysis of the athlete and physical characteristics of the sport is undertaken through a qualitative questionnaire and quantitatively through a detailed physical assessment, including anthropometric measurements; body composition analysis, structural balance and functional movement screening (FMS). ​ Research is undertaken to further understand the physical characteristics and requirements of the sport(s), and the role of the athlete, factoring in length of the season (inclusive of preseason); number of meets, matches or events. ​ Determining and understanding these through a needs analysis, the structure of the competitive season, priorities across the season and or beyond will allow for appropriate strength and conditioning programming to maximise adaptation and performance. ​ Depending on the athlete and training age of the athlete other physical tests in the form of 1,3, and 5RM (repetition max) will be tested and re-testing periodically (once or twice a year) as a measure of adaptation. ​ Monthly coaching with a commitment to eigh to 12 60 minute coaching sessions per month Training sessions and programmes will be recorded and logged on a database, monitored and reviewed on a regular basis to facilitate adaptation, regressing or progressing when and where appropriate. ​ Re-assessing body composition, structural balance and functional movement screening will further provide evidence of adaptation and improved performance, and programming will be adapted according to these re-assessments. ​ Athletes will be given nutritional guidance and support including macronutrient (protein; fats and carbohydrate), with the addition of supplement guidance and recommendations with our partner NutriDyn. Athletes will also be given lifestyle support to optimise performance and recovery. ​ In addition, athletes will have access to an exercise library and educational content through our website portal.
  • Which therapeutic practitioners does RDF collaborate with?
    At Results Driven Fitness we believe in a holistic approach to athlete performance, with strength and conditioning one of many tools to improve performance. As a result, we strive to support athletes in all aspects of athletic performance, including recovery and rehabilitation. It is for this reason that we are proud to collaborate with therapeutic practitioners in the local area to support our athletes and their needs, these include: ​ Michael Boyd, BSc (Hons) Ost - Medstead Osteopathic Practice Andy Cooper, Level 5 BTEC Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Massage - Edge Massage Therapy ​
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