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Andre Benoit Strength Academy Review

Throughout my career I have had the pleasure to meet, learn and work with some of the most renowned, knowledgeable strength coaches, in the world, one of these being Andre Benoit.

The time spent with Andre was a fantastic learning experience and here are just a few key take points of knowledge that I was able to take away the experience.

Dr Dietmar Schmidtbleicher states that maximal strength is the mother of all qualities, however before strength you need to produce quality movement. It’s important to screen prior to programming to determine and acknowledge any imbalances and deviations in planes of movement.

A well designed, structured, and progressive training program performed using a full range of movement and technical proficiency can correct many of these issues, however there is always a time where hands on physical therapy will provide benefit.

If you want to progress and achieve results it is vital that you nourish your body with quality nutrition. It is not possible to out train poor nutrition, and many underestimate how much quality food our body really needs especially when training hard.

Things that I learnt from Andre:

  1. The importance of a screening process for identifying structural imbalances and deviations

  2. Strength qualities are inter-related

  3. The more stable the joint the heavier you will lift, for every 10lb increase in mass you can increase strength by 25%

  4. Power improves speed – speed does not improve power, the sport will express the speed and power of the athlete, the skill of the activity is more important

  5. Many different training principles, protocols, and stimuluses available when designing an effective and progressive program

  6. As with the above variation is key. Using different grip implements, exercise selection, tempo, reps, sets, are all essential for the body to continually adapt, improve, and reduce the potential for injury.

  7. Training four times a week will lead to a 50% increase in results compared to training three times a week.

  8. Depending on the sport using modified strongman training (MST) and the end phase of training – the more MST, the shorter the adaptation, especially with contact sports – don’t just get gym strong, get farm strong!!

  9. No such thing as sport specific exercises. Strength will always translate to the sport so don’t do sports specific movements in the gym.

  10. Supplementation is important, Omega-3, branched chain and essential chain amino acids (BCAA’s and ECAA’s), multi-vitamins, vitamin D3, and post workout protein shake.

As with many of courses I have attended, led by world renowned coaches Andre’s has further boosted my focus and energy towards achieving the best possible results for all my clients. The knowledge and skills learn’t on the Strength Academy will be instrumental in making that happen.

If you want any additional information, or you are looking to improve your strength or athletic performance for sport complete the contact form or email to arrange a complimentary coaching call


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