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Who, or what inspires you to train, why do you get up everyday, go to the gym and train?

When the question is asked ‘Why do you train?’ the standard responses such as to feel healthy, lose weight, to get bigger or stronger will be most people’s answers; however, I ask you, what compels, inspires or motivates you to do this?

My role as a coach is to understand motivations at a deeper level as it will dictate the client’s short and long term willingness to push themselves beyond their own preconceived boundaries and out of their comfort zone.

As with goal setting, inspiration and motivation should be adaptable based on progress and the success of achieving that goal. Should you stop training because you have successfully been able to complete 12 reps of a chin ups, or have reduced your body fat and weight to a specific number? The answer is no. You should always want to progress and challenge yourself, this will not only mean changing how you train but the inspiration and motivation behind why you are reaching for this new goal

A client may approach me and say “I am inspired and motivated to lose weight and body fat so that I can play with my children and not feel out of breath”; however will that same inspiration and motivation advance them further beyond the original set goal, or will it even match up with their new goal? Sometimes, yes, but this is rarely the case.

You need to find something or someone that inspires you to progress, develop and push yourself forward. This is a challenge in and of itself, as inspiration can be a short lived emotion. Take for example the recent success of England in the World Cup, many people would have been inspired by their success and used that to drive and motivate them to do something, however how long did this state of inspirations last?

In business I am inspired and motivated by my clients who have made the decision that they need help to change and are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their initial target. Seeing clients evolve from low confidence to brimming with confidence when they walk through the door ready for another training session - that is inspirational. The desire to change and be the best version of yourself that is inspirational to me.

Recently, due to an untimely circumstance I was inspired, it made me realise how short life is, I woke up the next day and attacked the day, getting up early, feeling driven to accomplish something and succeed with what I had planned for the day. How long will this inspiration last? Well it’s still fresh as it is the reason why I sit here writing this article.

Inspirations related to my own training? I am inspired by a desire to surround myself with likeminded individuals who make me want to be the best version of myself, both friends and colleagues who make me accountable for my actions. We all have accountabilities at work and at home in our day to day lives, so make yourself accountable in your training, and if you aren’t being made accountable to yourself or others, ask yourself why, does your goal really not inspire you, or are you in a circle of people that do not really inspire you to be the best version of yourself?

I have very few people in my professional and personal life who inspire me, but what is important is that I have surrounded myself with these individuals and they make me accountable and inspire me each and every day, and I reciprocate in kind.

I know what I want to achieve personally, professionally and where I want my training to take me, and I am taking steps to accomplish these, what are you doing, or going to do to achieve yours?

‘Cut out the bullshit and negativity, own each and every day, and be the best version of you.’


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