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5 Supplements for improved health

Why do I recommend supplements to my clients?

In today’s modern world, we are exposed to high levels of toxicity through exposure to the likes of plastics and heavy metals. On average we are exposed to 500 chemicals a day if not more.

Our natural defence mechanism to detoxify is through nutrients that we absorb through food, and research is clear that the higher an individual’s nutrient intake the more detoxification can occur. However the quality of nutrients, vitamins, minerals we ingest through natural food sources have reduced due to modern farming techniques, the use of pesticides, and other chemicals which have reduced the quality of food.

How do we detoxify?

Our body detoxifies mainly via the liver in two phases, the first involves either a vitamin, mineral or anti-oxidant, the second phase and in 90% of cases involves amino acids (proteins).

Detoxification will help you with recovery and improve performance be it from daily activity and routine such as work, physical activity such as weight training or sport.

What supplements do I recommend?

Not all supplements are created equal, and it is important to be diligent about the quality and source of any supplement. Many high street supplements use synthetic ingredients which are cheaper and as these are foreign our body doesn’t recognise them and is unable to digest, absorb, process and metabolise them potential causing further health and gut issues.

Furthermore It is important to understand that everyone is unique and depending on individual circumstances and deficiencies ,require different supplementation protocols. However for general health I recommend the following;


Magnesium is an essential mineral, a co-factor in over 300 enzymatic processes and functions in our body and found in every cell. Magnesium promotes muscle relaxation, is a natural anti-inflammatory and supports healthy digestion.

There are several different chelates of magnesium which support our health and recovery, depending on your needs;

Magnesium Taurate – supports mental health

Magnesium Glycinate – reduces anxiety

Magnesium Threonate – protein synthesis and precursor to glycine

Magnesium Citrate – bone and heart health

Magnesium Sulphate – commonly known and Epsom salts, increase relaxation and reduces anxiety and depression

Magnesium Chloride – a topical magnesium which is highly bioavailable, commonly used in sport

Typical prescription would be 4g for males and 2.5g for females. When using a topical spray / oil one spray behind each knee 30 mins prior to sleep will promote muscle relaxation and improve sleep. The area behind the knee has the thinnest layer of skin meaning absorption update is faster.

Omega 3 Fish Oil:

Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory, and commonly comes in two forms, DHA and EPA. DHA promotes health, cognitive function, improves memory and anti-aging of the brain whilst EPA is anti-inflammatory, good for joint pain, gut health and recovery.

Furthermore, fish oil indirectly influences the thyroid gland as it mitigates our insulin / glucose response, helps reduce carbohydrate craving and improves sleep by increasing serotonin aswell as improving body composition through lowering body fat as it activates the carnitine enzyme . DHA has also been shown to improve focus during training.

Recommended dosage varies but can be anywhere from 5-60g dependent on body composition / fat percentage.


Improves detoxification and has been shown to improve both the quality and quantity of life in older generations. We lose vitamins and minerals through natural bodily function such as sweating so it is important to replenish these

Vitamin D:

The further you live from the equator / exposure to the sun the more our bodies will require D3 as we are unable to produce D3 ourselves. D3 boosts our immune system, reduces inflammation, helps absorb calcium, strengthens our bones and muscles and enhances mental health.

For our bones to benefit from D3 any D3 supplement must contain K2 to promote absorption. Depending on where you live in the world supplement with a minimum of 4000IU per day after food.


Probiotics help regulate our gut microbiome, and in turn will regulate our neuro transmitters as our gut and brain are directly linked via the Vagus Nerve, the gut-brain axis. Whatever issue you have with your gut will impact your brain and whatever issue you have with your brain will affect your gut.

In Closing:

If you want to improve your health and focus on longevity of your health and well-being or want to take your results in the gym to the next level add these supplements to your daily routine. It is important to note that you should always go for a quality supplement as these are less likely to contain any poor quality or unwanted materials.

Working with clients to get the best results I work with a handful of companies; Human Performance Hub, Nutri-Dyn Europe and Nordic Supplements.


Not a supplement per se, but the number one food I recommend to anyone as it is great for general health, injuries, boosts the gut-brain axis, increases mood, lowers depression, heals the gut from chronic stress, reduces gut inflammation, regenerates collagen / connective tissue, improves joint health and boosts your immune system.

It is important that any bone(s) used in the broth are organic. I recommend using a slow cooker as this will help draw out all the amazing vitamins minerals and nutrients from the bone over a longer period of time, season with any herbs and spices you like.

The longer the bone is cooked the more available minerals vitamins and nutrients, however if trying this for the first time I recommend no more than four hours of slow cooking and to also keep some of the meat on the bone. Over time you can increase the length of cooking up to 36hrs or more – enjoy!

For further information or any questions on supplementation or if you want to take your training and results to the next level email


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