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Biomechanics Screening Assessment

As a result of our daily routines, environment, playing sport or being involved in an accident, muscular imbalances occur which cause many issues in the body.  These issues can be made worse by poor posture and continued exposure to these situations or when they are under load, eventually leading to injuries such as muscle tears, ligament strains and pain if not addressed.



This results in some muscles becoming dominant and their opposing muscle weak, losing their efficient connection to the brain.  Muscles work together in synergy, when one becomes dominant this will cause dysfunction, and over a period of time this will cause the imbalance to worsen unless corrected.  When the muscle becomes too tight it will likely tear or strain and atrophy as a result.



By assessing range of motion, muscle testing and specific movements we can observe patterns that identify a specific weakness.  From this point we can prescribe rehabilitation exercises, stretches and exercises for muscles that are overworking, strengthen weak muscles, restoring function.

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